Enrichment at Feckenham CE Primary School

‘Live life in all its fullness.’  John 10

At Feckenham we know that spirituality means so many different things to different people and that it is largely immeasurable in its impact. Sometimes we plan for spiritual experiences but often, they are simply moments in our lives that help build an understanding of who we are, why we are here and help us acknowledge the wondrous world that has been gifted to us by God.

Enrichment opportunities – those little extras that bring joy, anticipation, excitement and realisations are both planned, so we don’t neglect the spiritual side of our pupils, and grasped when an unexpected opportunity comes our way.

Enrichment at Feckenham – turning the simple things in life into long lasting memories of the shortest period in our lives – our childhood.

Here is more information about the many enrichment opportunities our children experience at Feckenham CE Primary School:

Forest School:

Building dens, climbing trees, discovering wildlife, getting very muddy, making toast on a campfire, drinking hot chocolate outside to keep us warm, bird watching, growing vegetables to eat, learning to manage risk, getting stung by a nettle and knowing what to do next, listening for the sounds of nature, ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen, learning to be an orienteer, having fun with our friends.

Trips: Getting out of school for the day (or longer!)

Visiting a farm; exploring a safari park; catching a train; building up our knowledge of Feckenham Village past and present; studying at a National Trust property; visiting places of worship; going to the theatre; exploring museums; popping out to our local Secondary School; Residential trip to Blackwell


Sports evening at our local cricket ground; School Games Day; part of a team in competitions; doing the Santa Dash; taking part in Race for Life


Explore a Police Motorcycle; watch the Fire Service use the hose; investigate an ambulance and get bandaged up; watch a horse get its new shoes; find out about different careers


Singing in Church; taking part in the Nativity; playing a part in the Carol Concert; playing a part in a play; country dancing at the Feckenham Wake; learning an instrument and performing for others

Giving something back – creating good news stories

‘No-one has ever become poorer by giving.’ Anne Frank

Raise money for charities; help younger pupils at school; help with a community event in Feckenham; assist in a community project to help others