It goes without saying that this safety and well-being is paramount to development.  With Safeguarding at the heart of our school it enables use to meet our mission statement of: with God we grow to live life in all its fullness. 

Safeguarding is the responsibility of all staff at Feckenham Primary School and so all are trained to know how to identify abuse and other issues, how to manage disclosures made by students and how to report a safeguarding concern.  If you have a concern that any child is being harmed, is at risk of harm please contact our designated safeguarding lead – Mrs J Little or in her absence, one of the safeguarding team:

You can contact them as follows:

J Little – [email protected]
T Howarth – [email protected]
C O’Connell – [email protected]
J Grieve – [email protected]

You can find our Safeguarding Policy here: Policies | Feckenham CE Primary School

PREVENT Risk Assessment

Key Information:

Parent Guide to Safeguarding:

Report Harmful Content:

Private Fostering

If you allow your child to be cared for by someone else for 28 days or more, and this has not been arranged formally by Worcestershire Children First then this could be a ‘Private Fostering Arrangement’. You should call Children’s Services on tel: 01905 822666 if you think that you are privately fostering a child.

A Private Foster Carer is someone who is looking after your child and who is not a close relative (such as your parents, or your adult sister or brother) and who is not paid, unless by you. Step parents are treated as close relatives if they are married to the parent. Brothers and sister-in law can be classed as close relatives too.

As a Private Fostering is a private arrangement it can be hidden from agencies who have a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of children. Privately Fostered children can be vulnerable as they may not see their families very often. It is therefore important that their needs are assessed and their situation monitored to safeguard their well being.