Welcome to Year 4

Miss McQueen and Mrs Howarth teach our Year 4 class and they are supported by Miss Welsh.

In Year 4, the children build on what they learnt in their first Key Stage 2 year (Year 3) and begin to independently apply their knowledge and skills as part of a two year rolling programme. They are immersed in a broad curriculum, designed to revisit and connect ideas, in order to broaden knowledge, attached to previous learning and deepen understanding across the National Curriculum.

The Year 4 pupils have lots of exciting new challenges and opportunities to attach learning to meaningful, memorable experiences.

Year 4 continue to have grammar, punctuation and spelling sessions regularly to help children become better writers and to help develop an enjoyment or love of reading.
Reading remains incredibly important throughout Year 4 and children are expected to read regularly at home by this year. Additional support is on offer for those who might benefit from improving confidence and sharing whole-class texts to read together lends itself strongly to children having the opportunity to explore themes and authors’ intentions of increasingly complex texts.

The children in Year 4 are encouraged to explore many forms of art and design, using and honing a range of techniques and skills to develop their artistic and creative side. They have previously benefitted from visits to high school art departments to experience more specialist equipment to embed their learning of great artists in their topics.

The 4 core school values continue to be taught through PSHE and RE and we remember and utilise these in all that we do on a daily basis.

Children have weekly PE sessions, one inside gym or dance-based lesson and one outside games, skills-based session. There is a Games specialist who teaches Games to Key Stage 2 on a Thursday afternoon. Children begin to have opportunities to compete in local school tournaments over the year.

iPads and laptops are available to children to access to support their learning in all subjects. E-safety is crucial and revised weekly and computing skills are taught in a discreet lessons and reminded regularly.

Children enjoy weekly music sessions and have opportunities to learn to play instruments (in class and through peripatetic lessons) in Key Stage 2. There are many inter-school music-based events and competitions, which allow the children to enjoy experiencing performing and watching collaborations amongst their peers.

All children go across to Forest School each week on a Thursday morning to enjoy developing skills and independence through sessions led by Miss Welsh. Tools and equipment are available to be used safely to build dens and construct bird boxes. Children become responsible for growing plants and vegetables. Campfires are often held and hot chocolate can be enjoyed around them. Children also cook a wide range of foods over the campfires or in our cob oven.