Welcome to Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2)

Mrs Rajjayabun and Mrs Little teach our Key Stage 1 class and they are supported by Mrs Dennis, Mrs Barker and Mrs Henderson McCoy.

In our Key Stage 1 class, the Year 1 children build on what they learnt in their Reception year and begin their journey on the National Curriculum. New skills are taught to support in our learning of knowledge in the different curriculum subjects. The Year 2 children have lots of exciting new challenges and experiences that prepare them for the move to Key Stage 2 while embedding their learning of skills in the different curriculum areas.

Children continue on their Phonics learning journey in Key Stage 1, busy working on Phase 5 and Year 2 children embed Phase 5 and begin Phase 6. We also have Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling sessions to help children become better writers.

Reading is incredibly important and children read daily sentences and texts in groups during the school day and books are sent home to practise new words and develop knowledge of grammar and punctuation when reading aloud.

Children in the Key Stage 1 class learn in a nurturing and stimulating environment. There is a large outdoor space which is used on a daily basis and inside there are key teaching areas and lots of space for games and role play. Children can access construction and an art and crafts area for developing their creative sides.

The Four core values continued to be taught through PSHE and RE and we aim to remember these in all that we do.

Children have weekly PE sessions, one inside gym based lesson and one outside games based session. We have a specialist who teaches Games to Key Stage 1 on a Thursday morning. Children begin to have opportunities to compete in local school tournaments over the year.

iPads and laptops are available to children to access to support their learning in all subjects. E-safety is crucial and revised weekly and computing skills are taught in discreet lessons.

Children enjoy learning new songs and ways to play instruments in Key Stage 1. Music is encouraged and children enjoy listening daily to songs and rhymes and new skills are taught weekly.

All children go across to Forest School each week on a Wednesday morning to enjoy developing skills and independence through sessions led by Miss Welsh. Tools and equipment are safely used to build dens and construct bird boxes. Children become responsible for growing plants and vegetables. Camp fires are often held and hot chocolate can be enjoyed around them. Children also cook a wide range of foods over the camp fires.

Key Stage 1 is incredibly busy and so much fun!